The Session
The session happens in the heart of the East Village in my studio, a very convenient location accessible via various subway lines. The standard headshot session runs for three hours, during which we work on hair, makeup and or grooming and we pick from the different outfits/tops I previously have instructed you to bring, to create some cool, effortless looks. I ask that you bring about 10 different choices from which we will pick three. It is best to bring a variety that we can then narrow down. When we start taking pictures, we will have a clearer understanding of the pieces that will be more relevant to what we are doing, and your goals in terms of how you see yourself/want to present yourself.

Keep in mind, for headshots sessions, all we need to show is a hint of what you are wearing, to suggest character, and colors that will enhance your skin or hair/eye colors nonetheless you should bring pieces you love wearing, such as t-shirts, especially ones with a V-neck as they photograph nicely. Don’t think seasonal, bring summer, winter, spring and fall tops!

I believe a conversation either over the phone or in person should be scheduled for us to speak and get a vibe about each other, I want to take beautiful, powerful pictures and I want to make sure we are on the same page. It is best when we both know we can do something great together. I love your happiness and mine, more than I love your money.

Prepare for something fun, to engaged, be fully relaxed and giving, knowing this is all about playing, showing approachability, and allowing yourself to be both both vulnerable and confident.